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The thing about a three day weekend is that the working week is then only 4 days and so you?ve got to do squeeze more work in (should I really be spending time writing this post?) which means I?ve been non-stop today until this break. I?d better make the most of it.

I was flicking through Sky over at Ian?s yesterday and we stumbled across a channel called Zone Reality and a programme called Cops, which had some of the most bizarre and shocking scenes I?ve seen on TV. The programme is of course American, and this episode was a ?best of? and so what lay in store was obviously the cream of the crop.

The first section was at a shoot-out at a shop where the ?perp? was eventually dragged out kicking a screaming?. and completely naked. He was also off his head on something and it took 5 ?cops? to take him down and even then he almost escaped?. oh and he had been shot a couple of times too, not by the cops though, who were too busy wearing the tightest ?pants? they could be issued with and funny little hats.

The next scene actually did freak me out a bit and I was amazed that it was being shown. A crazed woman actually drives into the ?patrol car? and when the ?cop? tries to get he out of the car she pulls a kitchen knife out and swings in about. The ?cop? obviously a ?jock? tackles her and she actually lands on the knife. He?s allowed to do this though because he?s got a moustache, and I?m sure it all ended happily ever after. I did get a clip of this from youtube so check it out if you must.
The last segment was a humourous one to end on and involved a bit of dogging. Not walks in the park dogging, well sometimes it?s in the park, so I hear, but this involved the ?cops? pulling over by a parked ?SUV? and through the window you can see some old bloke pleasuring a lady from behind. At first I thought my eyes were deceiving me but yep it?s true. I think he was a taxi driver and had picked up an unscheduled fare and got busted. The cops asked him about his family life, if he had any kids, just to make him feel embarrased (so he should be), and then they arrested him and made him call his wife to tell her!! The worse thing was that this ?ho? was very very ugly. Surely he couldn?t have done better? I doubt he ?completed the transaction? though as when he saw that cop car he would?ve felt very deflated.

Alas my TV viewing ended there. If you fancy a bit of depraved TV viewing too then tune in to ?Cops? (also available for download)

?Cops, the groundbreaking reality series featuring real cops on patrol and the real criminals they contend with every day.?

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4 Responses to ?Cops? ? American TV

  1. Stef says:

    Americans are indeed strange. I should know, I married one!

    On Sunday morning while walking back through Brixton we saw two people on the job in a car with a pimp watching on from a second car. Nice?

  2. Cody Bones says:

    Cops is good fun, it seems to me that most criminals in the south never wear shirts when they are arrested. Don?t ask me why. I live up north.

  3. Adem says:

    Staf- How long did you watch for???. ;)

    Cody- The criminals sure did love getting naked?. and high.

  4. j. says:

    I am American and proud to say that anytime Cops comes on, I change the channel ASAP.


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