Bank Holiday Weekend Round-up

Banksy Rat
I love bank holidays, and who can turn down a three day weekend? Not me.

The weather hasn?t been that nice, but in a way that wasn?t a bad thing as it?s allowed me to stay indoors and finally redecorate the kitchen with a bit of plastering and painting. I?ve got a few more things planned and will get them done over the next few weekends. The kitchen had been stripped of wallpaper for quite a few weeks but it was just a case of getting around to it, but a two day weekend never seemed to allow time to finish the job due to other commitments?. normally socialising or playing sport!

It would be brilliant if we had three day weekends as the norm, but we have got another bank holiday coming up at the end of the month? hooray!

I went to the gym on Friday with Ian and was able to do some light jogging, although the knee ached a bit and so did my back, but some of this if from the fact that I wasn?t able to get into my natural stride and was over-compensating to relieve pressure from my bad knee. I then did some cycling, which didn?t hurt, some weights, and then went swimming. It felt good to have a nice-workout.

On Saturday I did some decorating and in the evening I popped out for a couple of drinks but was back home by 10:30pm and watched Match Of The Day. I didn?t really feel the need to stay out as I was planning on ?having it large? on Sunday, so wanted to save my money?.. and my liver.

Sunday morning was spent putting another coat of paint on in the kitchen and then at 2pm I met up with friends down Ramsgate harbour, had a few beers, and then walked to Broadstairs. We went to the Barnaby Rudge, Charles Dickens, Tartar Frigate, The Dolphin, and Harpers, and my night ended around 2am and very drunk. I didn?t mind though as I knew that today was a bank holiday. Hooray again!

Today I didnet get up until around 11:30am and then finished off a bit more of the kitchen, just for an hour, and then in the afternoon I went round to Ian?s for a BBQ, TV, and some poker.

So there we go, a nice little round-up, and alas it?s back to work tomorrow. boo!

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  1. Aidan L says:

    I know the feeling of over compensating for one leg. I did it all the time when I hurt my knee. It is good, however, to see that you?re building up the knee. You start to feel a bit of accomplishment when you begin to improve and come back from a bad injury don?t you.

    It is also nice to see that you had a very fun, and drunk Sunday night, it sounds like you had a great time :-P .


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