Summer Ball + Newquay Camping

CCSU Summer Ball Poster 2007
I seem to have dropped off the Blogosphere since last Thursday, which is a bit of a shame, and I did intend on writing a post on Saturday but anything I typed was absolute junk. Now I?m not against absolute junk, you should read some of the crap I type on here, but my heart just wasn?t in it. And so here we are with a catch-up post so you don?t all go cold turkey.

It?s been busy at work as we?ve announced our Summer Ball line-up and so starts the task of promoting it and trying to shift 1,500 tickets. I was responsible for making a poster for it, and normally it?s really easy to do posters, but I had to come up with something that had to include many different things and it?s really hard not to make a poster that is too ?busy? and crammed full of information.

I did quite a few designs and redesigns but at the end of the day there has to be a certain amount of info such as line-up, ticket details, etc which will clog up the page. With all this information needed it was never going to be a minimalist poster.

I was also working on a website specifically for the ball, but that?s pretty simple.

In other news I should be going camping in Newquay in August, which will be a nice break and the nearest thing to a holiday as I?ve been on for a while. The same group of friends went last year for the week but I decided not to go as some part of me didn?t want to ?waste? a week camping, instead thinking that I could get lots of things done at home (?the dreaded garden) but I think I actually did nothing instead.

So looking back to last year I decided at the weekend that I really should go as it will be fun to get away. I?m pretty sure I?ll get bored at some time but I?ve found out the campsite has it?s own fishing ponds and so I?m going to email them and find out more. The Rip Curl Boardmasters is also on during that week we?re down there so that could be on the agenda too. All I?ve got to do now is actually book the time off, but with a lot of holiday to be used before September I should be fine.

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  1. j. says:

    Glad to hear that you?ve decided to go to Newquay. Camping is something I always mean to do more of, but never get around to. Now I can live vicariously through you when you come back and blog abuot it! :)


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