Well done Liverpool

Liverpool Crowd
I haven?t enjoyed watching sport for a while, be it football, cricket, or Rugby, namely because the teams have been absolutely rubbish or completely boring, sometime both. The national English team have been crap in all competitions, and so has Arsenal, my team.

Last night was the Champions League Semi-Final between Liverpool and Chelsea, and I really really enjoyed the game. I was firmly behind Liverpool as I hate Chelsea, and to see Liverpool win was brilliant. Great to see Liverpool win?? even better to see Chelsea lose, especially Mourinho.

It used to be that I hated Manchester Utd, and I guess it?s just because they won a lot, but I can give them full credit this season as they have had to rebuild in the wake of Chelsea over the past few years, and have certainly become a better team, rising to the challenge. This goes full-change against Chelsea who have tried to buy success, which initially worked, and along with this success came arrogance, both of the manager, the players, and the fans.

So Chelsea are my No.1 hate team, and I was happy to see them lose, showing that money can?t buy you everything. Yes they?ve had injuries over the season, but you show me a team that hasn?t. I thought Mourinho said he had such a great squad that he could put another Chelsea team in the league. If so, where?s the depth of this squad? Always making excuses eh Jose?

Jose came out with an absolute corker in the post match interviews, claiming that Chelsea were the best team in the match and the only team who wanted to win the match.

?We were the best team today, even against a team only playing for the Champions League?.

What game was he watching? Obviously he didn?t see it when Liverpool scored, hit the crossbar, and then had a goal disallowed. Yes, Chelsea had some chances but Liverpool were much better in my opinion and played as a team, instead of a set of mercenaries, which brings me to Ashley Cole. How happy am I to see him winning bugger-all after his money orientated transfer from Arsenal to Chelsea. He may have a League Cup winners medal but that was as an unused substitute, and as Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry said today:

?I guess when you?ve invested 500m it?s a fantastic season to win the League Cup.?

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5 Responses to Well done Liverpool

  1. Agree with you entirely. Chelsea have tried to get there quick and it?s blown up in their face which is satisfying. It?s funny how opinion has turned against them ? for me it?s because of his comments over the last few weeks. I?d forgotten about the ?we can put 2 teams in the league? comment. Now that?s funny considering all the whinging that?s gone on about injuries. To spend the money he has and not have cover in ALL positions is criminal and he only has himself to blame.
    Loved Rick?s comment as well ? stick the knife in why not. I?m sure Jose would have had a comment up his sleeve had they won

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don?t like Chelsea, that is fighting talk!

  3. Cheezy says:

    I agree 10000%! (although Chelski are only my #2 hate team ? the arse still take some beating for me).

    But yes, it?s so good seeing that plonker Jose getting his come-uppance! :)

    Reckon the experience will teach him some humility though? (doubtful isn?t it?!)

  4. Aidan L says:

    I am really pleased Liverpool got through, however, I am even more pleased that Man UTD got knocked out. I absolutely hate Man UTD. It is a huge shame that they are going to win the league :-( ?

    The reason I do not like them is due to the way they were against us, Middlesbrough.

  5. Adem says:

    I?ve got to say that I haven?t got as much disdain for Man Utd as I used to, but I?m sure that now Chelsea have been brought down a notch, my old feeling will resume.

    Ah the good old days?.


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