A day spent gardening

Frog in my hand
I decided to have the day off yesterday as hardly anyone else in my department is around which limited me on some of the stuff I had to do. Yes I could?ve gone in but as I?ve got holiday left to use up I thought I?d spend the day doing something constructive and so I spent quite a while in the garden clearing a lot of the weeds. The above photo is of a frog who I thought would be quite photogenic and didn?t mind posing for a few minutes.

In the end I filled up 6 blackbags worth and also set about chopping up some wood which remained from when I cut down our very large fir tree last year. Most of the branches had already been taken to the recycling depot but I still had three large trunks left which had been sitting at the bottom of the garden. I wanted to take all this to the depot too and so the trunks had to be cut up into a managable size to fit in the car and this was accomplished with an electric mitre saw for the smaller ends and by hand saw for the thicker parts.

If I can spend an hour or so after work each day doing this then I can hopefully make some progress. I?ve started from the back of the garden and will hopefully be able to start laying a patio there once it?s been properly weeded.

Anyway?. better get back to work as I?ve got a fair bit to do!

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3 Responses to A day spent gardening

  1. j. says:

    Ah, yardwork?I actually miss that now that I don?t have a yard. It is time-consuming though, isn?t it? Good luck!

  2. Nils says:

    Cool. Gardening has never been an active interest, but I see myself doing it sometime. Not just yet, but sometime ;-)

  3. Aravis says:

    What a terrific shot of a handsome fellow!

    I dislike yard work, but the results are nice. Good luck finishing that chore, so you can enjoy the future patio. :0)


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