GMapEZ ? Google Maps the easy way

GMapEZ - Google Maps the easy way
A few posts back I mentioned about the league table feature I?d added to my football team?s website and today I?ve added another feature.

I?d been looking to add a Google Maps feature to show the location of the grounds that we play at throughout the season as it can be quite helpful especially for new players, but there were no such plugins available for the e107 CMS I use. I?d previously just had a jpg map for each ground and obviously a map that could be manipulated but still keep visitors on the site was what I really wanted.

I?d previously got a Google Maps API was was having trouble configuring it until I came across GMapEZ which made it oh-so-simple and before long I had this page. I only put it together this evening and will probably do a little formatting on it in the near future when I re-do the site?s skin, but for the moment I think it?s pretty cool.

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4 Responses to GMapEZ ? Google Maps the easy way

  1. Chris says:

    Hey, that?s cool mate ? good work. It?d be great to have a photo of the pitch pop-up in the little window?

  2. Adem says:

    yep?.but I don?t have pictures of them. Maybe throughout the season I can work on that.

  3. j. says:

    I didn?t really understand the CSM and plug-in talk, but the feature is cool!

  4. Zumiweb says:

    Brilliant, thanks for showing us GMapEZ, I can?t believe the amount of pain I went through when I put together my map of old cinema sites in South London (Dark Screens) last year ? this would have saved many hours of pain. Now to get on with the East Kent version. Cheers!


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