Henry to Barcelona

Thierry Henry
So after all the speculation it appears that Thierry Henry is going to leave Arsenal for Barcelona and all that is left is for him to pass a medical and then he will be on his way for 16 million.

Even though I don?t talk about club football much I am an Arsenal fan and although I?m not as much of a fanatic as I was when I was 18 I still keep an eye on all the latest news, and to be honest this doesn?t come as much of a suprise as everyone has their price nowadays. It is a shock but not a suprise and will be odd to not have arguably our best player not with us anymore.

But in all honesty maybe it was the time for him to move on as he was fairly anonymous last season with injuries, fatigue, and a lack of form and couldn?t contribute as much as we are normally accustomed to. Or maybe this is just me trying to soften the blow.

Who will Arsenal sign as a replacement? Will they sign anyone?? I doubt they?ll make any big transfers but maybe it will be the chance to see Walcott step up, and it?ll also be good to see a fit again Van Persie show us what he can do and take centre-stage. Let?s just hope that we are treated to a better season than last and that this should be seen as the turning over of a new leaf.

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3 Responses to Henry to Barcelona

  1. Cheezy says:

    The first training session at Barca will be interesting, with Thierry meeting all his old ?mates? like Eto?o, Puyol and Jaja (Ronaldinho) Binks? i.e. all the people he slagged off right after the 2006 Champs League Final!

    Money talks though, so I?m betting they?ll all be best buddies before too long ? just like Wazza Rooney and Christina Ronaldo are.

  2. Adem says:

    I think one reason he didn?t join them last season was because of the way that Barcelona acted in the final of the Champions League. CHEATS! Obviously a year is a long time in football so he?ll be best chums.

  3. Flash says:

    ?Arguably??. He is without doubt the best Arsenal player I?ve ever seen. MOTD won?t be the same again.

    I now fear a finish below Spurs.

    What do I know? I support a lower league team. *sob*


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