Holiday Plans?

Sun on the water
Yesterday afternoon I was going through my diary and working out how much holiday I had from work and thus how much I had left to use, and found out that I?d had 12.5 days holiday so far (this includes 2 days already booked off for Hodder?s Stag-do in France). This may sound like a lot as I know most people have their holiday running from either the beginning of the year or from the April tax year, but in my job at the University my holiday period is 1st September-1st September and so I?ve got just over 2 months to take the rest of my holiday.

Proir to this year I used to get 20 days holiday, but after the implementation of a new pay framework I now get 25 days holiday and so I?ve only used up half my allowance and have another 12.5 days to use, which is basically two and a half weeks holiday. Hooray!

All my holiday so far has been taken up with single days off here and there and so I?m going to try and use these remaining days in perhaps two bulk periods, which leaves me with the question of what to use it for?..

The most unglamourous option is to work on the garden for which I need to do quite a bit, but in reality if I worked full-steam on it then it could take only a couple of days, but do I really want to be doing this? Well, the garden is a state and I would really like to have some BBQs etc in there over summer and so this is priority number one. You?ll agree that this isn?t sounding much like ?holiday? so I need a few more ideas.

Camping in Newquay is off the agenda and there are quite a few things going on over the weekends over summer but I need something to sap up those weekdays.

So far on my list of things to do are:

    Lounge on the Farm? A local music festival

and that?s about it. Anyone got any ideas??

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9 Responses to Holiday Plans?

  1. jonny says:

    Isn?t Gay Pride on in Brighton soon?

  2. Adem says:

    yeah but that?s just a weekend, so no need for holiday! ;)

    Hmmm think I?ll give it a miss though?.

  3. Cody Bones says:

    I said it before and I will say it again. VEGAS BABY!!! You could also try Chicago,

  4. Adem says:

    Might be a little out of my price range Cody! I?ll add them to the shortlist though!

  5. j. says:

    I vote for Chicago?that?s only a few hours from me. :)

  6. Couple of weeks in the Caymans?

  7. Aravis says:

    Get those things done that you need to do first, and then use the rest of the days to go away somewhere. Where or what, that?s up to you. But I?m looking forward to reading about it, whatever it is. *G*

  8. Arran says:

    Krakow, poland is the perfect answer to your plans!

  9. Adem says:

    I think ?doing the garden? is going to take 5 days of holiday away now?..

    Plenty of options to choose from now but will probably just fritter the days away!


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