Summer Ball 2007

Last night was the Summer Ball at University and luckily this year I wasn?t working and so I attended as a drinking/dancing guest. I got off a lot of photos and have spent this evening uploading photos and updating

As the Ball was in Canterbury I kipped on Jonny?s sofa and got to bed around 4am, but annoyingly the postman banged the door at 8:30am and so I was up and am tired now and have spent the whole day doing nothing. At least tomorrow I can have a sleep-in?. oh hang on? no I won?t coz I?ve got to drive to Brighton!

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5 Responses to Summer Ball 2007

  1. Aidan L says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic night! There are some great photos on the official site and your flickr account.

    Shame that you got woken up early, that must have been so unbelievably annoying?

  2. Adem says:

    I?ll let you into a secret?.the photos on the official site are my Flickr photos! Installed a plugin on Saturday to directly link to my Flickr set.

  3. Aidan L says:

    Oo right lol, still, it looks like you had a great time :-) .
    If you don?t mind me asking, which plugin is it?

  4. Adem says:

    The site actually runs on Website Baker and is available on the modules page.

    I?ve used website baker for a few sites and actually wrote a post about it a while back. Read it here

  5. Aravis says:

    Glad you were able to enjoy the fruits of your labor!


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