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London to Brighton Bike Ride Finish Line
Yesterday was a LONG day I’ll tell you. As you may recall, my sister was doing the London to Brighton Bike Ride in aid of the British Heart Foundation, and would be cycling a total of 54 miles and my Mum and myself has agreed to go down to Brighton to meet her at the end and drive her back up to London. We live about 110 miles away from Brighton so it’s still a bit of a drive but we were at Brighton race track at around 11am for the park-and-ride that had been organised and were at Brighton seafront by 11:45am which was still very early as my sister was scheduled to arrive around 2pm, but Mum and myself went to get some lunch and did some sight-seeing.

Throughout the afternoon I got text and calls from my sister telling me her ETA was first 3pm, then 4pm, then 4:45pm, arghhh!! It’s amazing how hard it is to try and waste time when you really want to, and so the clock slowly creeped around and at around 5pm we saw here cycling along and I managed to get a photo of here coming down the main straight. All the frustration of waiting disappeared as I was so happy for her and was happy that she’d made it down in one piece.

It turns out that the delays weren’t because my sister is a shit syclist but infact because of enforced queues etc on the way down due to traffic, congestion, accidents, ambulances etc. After getting back on the buses to our car we had to set off back to Clapham to drop my sister off and finally got there around 8:30pm, and then me and Mum had to make the trek back to Ramsgate and got home at 10:30pm. Only 250 miles driven yesterday then, and a very very long day, back well done to my big sister. Remember, there’s still time to sponsor her if you wish.

I did get a few photos whilst I was there, and not just of the cycling, so as is customary, check out the gallery link below.

Also… congrats to all the other competitors, especially the two who rode the whole distance in fancy dress and with specially made bicycles where the axis of the wheels were not central so they spent the whole journey bumping up and down! Click here to see the photo evidence (look at the wheels!)

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  1. Aravis says:

    Congratulations to your sister! I hope she- and the other cyclists, of course- we able to raise lots of money for the cause.

    I could never make 54 miles bumping up and down that way. More power to those cyclists!

  2. Before40 says:

    @twas a good day, fortunately (for me!) i managed to get away bright & early & didn’t suffer the delays & managed a respectable 3hrs & 41 mins.
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