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March 21st, 2012Domains, Niche Sites, The WebAdem 1 Comments

Selling DomainsIn my last post I told you how I was looking into whether selling domains could be another source of income for me, and after some thinking I don?t think it is. I?m being honest with myself and think I will be sticking to developing niche websites instead as I can add more value to a domain from that.

When you see domains selling for hundreds or thousands then it?s quite easy to think ?how hard can that be?? but you would be wrong in assuming that it?s an easy thing to do as your domain has to have some very real pulling power to sell or even get any interest. I?ve come in pretty late in the game and most of the good quality or even domains have been registered so what I?m left with are domains that just aren?t in high demand or have already been passed-over by other domainers. If I had more money to spend then I could look at buying better domains that are already registered and trying to flip them but this doesn?t interest me as I don?t want money held up in domains not earning me anything and me relying on ?potential? future revenue if  I can sell it at a later date.

I started a thread on Acorn Domains for advice on how to sell domains and the feedback echoed the same thing: ?There is no trick, you have to own domains that other people covet, and for which they will pay.?

People do not covet my domains but I know that I can make money from them by continuing to develop them as niche sites as when I bought them I did my research into the amount of keyword searches they get and the amount of AdSense CPC then average and so they are still perfectly suited for me to make websites for and hopefully start getting some income from. In the end that means no harm done and I now have a portfolio of 36 domains, all of which I have some potential. Some of these are already earning, and some will be developed in the near future. It?ll certainly keep me busy!

Once the sites are earning money then I there is a chance to sell them and I know they will be more attractive then, but at that stage I will probably rather hold onto them for the continuous revenue rather than a one-off payment.

Do you trade in domains? What?s your biggest sale so far?

'One Response to ?Selling domains isn?t for me?'
  1. Joe says:

    Seems to risky and complicated to me. I have quite a few EMDs which might be worth a few quid but no plans to sell them.
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