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March 13th, 2012Domains, Niche SitesAdem 1 Comments

I?m currently earning money through AdSense adverts on my niche sites and also through the Amazon affiliate scheme which combined earned me £500 in February but there are other ways to earn money online which have crossed my mind.

1. Sell niche sites.

2. Sell domains

I know there are other ways too but these are the ones I?ve been thinking about. I?ve discounted selling websites though for the moment as I wouldn?t want to sell a site that was earning me money on a monthly basis as I?d rather have a continuous stream rather than one lump sum. I would obviously consider selling a site that wasn?t making money but then again who would buy that? I have seen sites for sale on Flippa with zero income and rankings but these are ones that are churned out and I wouldn?t bother with them.

This gets me onto the second option of selling domains and it is something that I would like to get into. I have been buying quite a few domains, some of which I have built sites for, some of which I will build sites in the future, and some of which are just good domains that I think could have value to someone else.

It?s all a bit speculative but with UK domains costing around £7 for a 2 year period it?s not a massive outlay or gamble and gives me 2 years to sell them on before renewing them. If they don?t sell then I will see about monetising them myself.

So taking a leap into the unknown I put my first domain up for sale

I?ve seen some domains listed which have absolutely no value whatsoever so when I bought this domain I did the research as if I was going to build a site on this domain myself.

?Fitted Wardrobe? gets 1,000 exact UK searches a month and has a average CPC of £2.12 for Google AdSense so there is definitely some worth in the domain.

The domain is listed on DomainLore, a site specialising in .uk domains and has a starting price of £50 which is the standard starting price for sales on the site.

A 10% deposit is required to sell on DomainLore, so in this case £5, but if the domain sells then this is refunded. It?s a great way of doing business as it means only valuable/sell-able domains are listed as it?s not worth advertising rubbish domains.

I?m interested to see if this gets any interest as it?s my first auction but let me know what you think of it in the comments below. Let me know if you sell domains and how do you appraise how much value it has.

'One Response to ?Making money by selling domains?'
  1. Ian Wilcox says:

    Domainlore is a good website thanks for sharing Adem, Hope to get a few good domains on there.

    Good luck with your auction!!