Birmingham and Old Friends

Fast Train
Tomorrow I?ve got a training day in Birmingham, which is a very very long way from me, and as I?ve got to be there for 10:30am I?m going to have to get a train at 5:30am, which is very very early. I suppose I could?ve made an excuse but that would be wrong and so I?ll be making a very sleepy way to Brum, and in particular Birmingham University.

Harking back to my last post of thinking the internet is brilliant, I can link this into my trip as I?m going to see an old university friend I?ve not seen for three years, and I?ve got Facebook to thank for this. Becs moved away from Chichester in 2004 with her partner Will as he had got a new job in Birmingham, and although both were very good friends my life was very egocentric at that time and I simply didn?t find time to keep in touch. It?s a shame but that?s the way life was and I can probably tell the same sorry about any number of old acquaintances who I?ve simply lost touch with, even more so now that I live in Ramsgate.

Anyway, back to Facebook. I?ve been building up quite a list of friends on there, innitially mostly people I see in day to day life, but as Facebook has been growing I?ve been getting in touch with more people I had lost touch with and Becs was one of them. Over a few messages I learnt that her and Will were still in Birmingham and had recently got married and were expecting a child!

The even better news (for me) was that Becs works at the same place as I?m going to be doing my training (Birmingham University Guild of Students) and so I?ll be able to see her when there are breaks in the course. More than likely, without Facebook, I would?ve gone up to Birmingham for the day and not even know that an old friend was working in an office down the corridor from where I would be. Coincidences are brilliant and I?m very happy now.

The baby is due in September so I?m going to pop to Mothercare in my lunch break to get a gift to take with me and may also grab a belated Wedding present (something tacky no doubt!).

In other news, I?m off to France on Friday for a long weekend and luckily I?m not driving so I should hopefully be able to get a little rest whilst we?re travelling as I?m bound to be knackered after tomorrows travelling. This will of course mean that I won?t be blogging over the weekend so excuse my absence. Au Revoir!

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4 Responses to Birmingham and Old Friends

  1. Aidan L says:

    O dear? 5.30am! Far too early for me!!
    At least you get to sleep on the train I suppose :-) .

    It is always good when you get back in touch with people from the past isn?t it. Obviously it is much different for you than it is for me as for me it is just people who I knew in primary school?

    But yeah, enjoy your trip to Birmingham and France. I hope that you have a great time, even if you are on a training course.

  2. Adem says:

    Cheers. The only thing is that I?ve got to make several changes on the way so won?t just have hours of uninterrupted sleep?. :(

  3. j. says:

    Ew to not being able to sleep. Hope you aren?t too sleepy when you finally arrive!

  4. Aravis says:

    I know what you mean; the internet allowed me to reconnect with my two best friends from high school.

    Hey, my sister is in France at the moment, little brat. *G* Maybe you?ll bump into each other, and never know. :0)


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