Meeting bloggers in real life

I love the way that the internet can bring strangers together, people who have never met and may never meet, but brings them together none the less to discuss, share, and in some cases collaberate on projects. Without the web these people would never have been in contact with each other and many opportunities would?ve been missed I feel.

Much of this has happened through the popularity of blogging, and although it could be argued that a blog may not show the complete personality of the author, as opposed to meetign someone face-to-face, I still think that some element of the blogger?s true personality will still come through and will be echoed in what they write about and how they do it.

Yesterday I met up with Kevin and it was good to chat to someone ?new? who I don?t share the same history with. Yes he is a local blogger, and yes our paths have crossed in ?real life? several times in the past, but I?ve only got to know him through the internet and blogging in particular, and so we drank beer, played pool and had a chat about blogging, techie stuff, local news, the Thanet Blog List, and whatever else cropped up. It was very refreshing and made a change to talking about the same old things with my ?real life? friends, whose company I still obviously enjoy, but who can sometimes not have much to discuss and instead regurgitate the same information that can leave me simply nodding my head. I don?t want that to sound rude, and I?m sure they sometimes think the same about me, but with the same environment the conversation can be a little stale and old. Now I sound like a pompous twat don?t I? (don?t answer that!)

The downside to the evening was that I got drunk due to us watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes on TV around midnight and drinking warm 6.2% beer I had hidden in my cupboard. After Kevin had left I carried on watching the film and finished my beer, getting to bed around 1am, and I felt rough this morning and realised why I never (usually) drink when I?ve got work the next day. I?m feeling better now but have got to wrack my brain to get out all the ?ideas? we had last night. I?m sure the important ones stayed with me, especially about redeveloping the Thanet Blog List over the summer, and will have to get onto these when I?ve got a little more time.

In other news I met up the morning with the man behind the ??, PROT for short, and bought myself a great T-shirt. Of course I can?t share his identity with you as that would remove some of the intrigue, but you will get your chance at the next meet-up. The PROT in another fun way of meeting new people too and I think is a great idea and a great chance to extend my social circle. Of course I haven?t had a chance to get fully involved but I would like to and shall do my best.

People’s Republic of Thanet T-shirt

To end this post I?d like to reiterate my first point and say ?. ?isn?t the web great??

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  1. Flash says:

    Yes mate, it bloody well is!


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