Legoland Trip

So today I was meant to be going to Legoland Windsor and although it was quite gloomy we all set off at around 9:30am in the Uni Minibus prepared to have some fun. Once we?d got on the M25 torrential rain was coming down and soon the roads were starting to flood and visability was quite poor and around 20 miles after Clacket Lane Services (around 90 miles into our trip) we decided that it would be best just to turn back. Most of Legoland is outside and so even if we did get there in one piece then it wouldn?t really be worth it and would be a waste of money.
Flooding Road
We made our journey back and instead popped out for a spot of lunch by which time it was full sunshine. doh! It does look like we made a good decision though as looking at the news it only got worse where we were heading which is playing havoc with the traffic. I?d rather be disappointed in the short-term than majorly pissed off in the long-term.

So here I am having a night in and tomorrow I?m off to Roy and Shelia?s Annual Party which is luckily just down the road, and so I?m resting myself in preparation!

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2 Responses to Legoland Trip

  1. Nils says:

    Crikey! That does look bad. Well, I know, I?ve seen it on the news and all. Good thing you turned back. On the other hand: ?Adem, blogging live from the Sea King rescue helicopter? would?ve been slick too ;-)

  2. Adem says:

    I?m extremely glad that I didn?t get caught up in the flooding, although it would?ve been nice to get a helicopter treip! ;)


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