I?m buying lots of stuff

Blimey, I?m usually quite a frugal chap but over the past week I?ve been splashing the cash. You?ve already heard about my Moo MiniCards and yesterday after scouring the Moo group on the Flickr forums I ordered an aluminium portable ashtray from Muji which can double brilliantly as a Moo Card Holder (see here for example).

I didn?t stop there though as I also ordered a PhotoBook from PhotoBox which is something I?ve wanted to get but never got around too. They look pretty good on the site and if all turns out well then I may try and get a few more done as I don?t usually print my photos and think they look more stylish than an ordinary photo album.

I also had an eye test today at Tesco (they do everything don?t they?!) and was happy to find out that my eyesight hasn?t change since my last eye test I had about 3 1/2 years ago. I felt it was about time to get some new specs and I?ve been meaning to get a new pair for some time but needed a prescription so I could buy them ONLINE! I?d read about glassesdirect.co.uk from LB?s blog and so with my prescription in hand I ordered a pair for 15 (+3.75P&P).
They can?t be any worse than the battered pair I?m wearing at the moment so I guess I?ve got nothing to lose.

I?m off to Legoland tomorrow so I guess I?ll have to chance to buy more crap then too!

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8 Responses to I?m buying lots of stuff

  1. Nils says:

    Just LOL, really. That?s great. Fun, isn?t it?

  2. Zumiweb says:

    oooh, that Muji ashtray looks the business! And you can explain that it?s pronounced Moo-ji just so you can enjoy the bafflement on your victim?s face? And as for photobooks, have you seen Qoop? They do photoprints, photobooks, posters, mousepads, puzzles and more ? a sort of Flickr?d CafePress if you see what I mean.

  3. Adem says:

    I?ve seen Qoop on Flickr but on first impressions I thought they were solely US based, but I think they do ship internationally so I?ll have to do a demo order with them to check it out.

    Zumi, Have you used them?

  4. Zumiweb says:

    I haven?t used Qoop yet, I?m still assembling my photos on Flickr before I go and order anything. I have used Lulu and CafePress and been very pleased with the results (a calendar and a photo poster so far, and soon a proper self-published book from Lulu). And they both have UK sections, help and pricing, although the physical production depends on the products as to where it?s made. All this online publishing seems to work pretty well, and the integration with Flickr (and other sources) makes it painless. Everyone gets Thanet-based calendarsm mugs, mousemats and photobooks this Christmas, I reckon?

  5. andyp says:

    Let us know how you get on with the Muji ?card holder?. I found it a bit stiff to take apart to start off with given what it is ?designed? for, but it works well. I also have another tin that I bought off of Etsy with a different design ? just a simple slide top. They both work well.

  6. Adem says:

    Andyp ? I?m very happy with the Muji holder (see pics here), although it doesn?t stay closed if you know what I mean, but this doesn?t really matter much.

    I did see quite a few other options but picked Muji because I could buy them singularly where as other had to be bought in multiple packs or were only available in America.

  7. Series says:

    I use the spectacles.gb.com website, always been happy with them and they are good value, another thing is they have a huge range.

  8. Jayno says:

    Glasses Direct are no longer good value for money. Most of the other sites offer an anti scratch coating included in the price. GD charge £10 extra. And plastic lenses without an anti scratch coating will become scratched very quickly. Try http://www.spex4less.com or http://www.nuglasses.co.uk Both are good, but I prefer nuglasses because they have a cool try on feature.


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