Moo MiniCards have arrived!

Moo minicards
Yay! My Moo MiniCards arrived yesterday! I am not disappointed. I?d heard all the hype and read very good reviews about the service but until they landed through my letterbox then I couldn?t give them my own seal of approval. But now they have and I?d highly recommend them.

The minicards are printed on a very nice thick card which gives you a feeling that you are holding onto something substantial and not at all chea, which can often be the case with more ?papery? business cards. These are not really business cards though, instead they are little pieces of art, each one with a unique photo on.

I selected a quite random range of photos from my flickr of around 40 individual images, giving me around 2 copies of each image (some lucky ones have 3), but I think that when I order next time I?ll probably reduce that number to a selection of some of my favourite images and focussing on quality over quantity and maybe just get 15-20 images instead so I get 5/6 cards of each design.

I will be ordering some more for myself once this stockpile is reduced, but I?ve already put in an order for TTP as I used to get them business cards through Vista Print, but persuaded them that they would be much cooler if they spent that little extra and used Moo. I do think that if you are in some kind of creative work then they can give you that extra benefit and can also be a bit of a talking point.

Now you are of course taking my word that these are very nice things and so I?m offering my visitors a free Moo MiniCard from my selection! I?ll try and pick a nice card and will post it out to you so you can have a look for yourself. This will of course be a nice gift for you and will also mean I?ll be that little bit closer to ordering some more and I?ll be able to say that I?ve been using my MiniCards!

You could leave a comment on this post begging for a card or you can contact me via this page. Of course maybe no one wants one??

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5 Responses to Moo MiniCards have arrived!

  1. That?s just a cheap ploy to get me to divulge my real address! I?m not falling for that one. Still, would love a butcher?s, they look fab.

  2. Adem says:

    Don?t you have a PO BOX address for your fanclub?

  3. Nils says:

    They do look good. I?d actually sort of forgot about them. I think I may order some myself now. If you ship to the mainland, I?d be happy to have one of yours.

  4. Ginny says:

    Hi Adem! I?m not sure what the Moo cards are?. do they have your own photo?s on them? If so, you could send me a good one!

  5. j. says:

    I was completely confused as to what MiniMoo cards were when I read your most recent post. This clears it up. Cool! :)


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