Midweek Round-up

Wednesday already eh? So what?s been going on? Not a very interesting post from me today (no change there) but better check in eh?

On Monday I went for a meal with work colleagues in Canterbury at the The Cuban which was very nice. I?ve had drinks in there before and always been very impressed by it?s atmosphere, and I wasn?t disappointed this time either. I had the Margarita Red Snapper, (Pan-fried red snapper fillet marinated in home-made margarita mojo, served on a bed of coconut cristianos y moros) for my meal followed by Crème Cabaña (Rich cream Cubana topped with caramalised sugar), and although I was mostly on the beer I did have a Raspberry Collins cocktail (Gin, berries, fruit liquor, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, built in stages and soda top.) All in all I had a very nice time and will have to try out a few more cocktails next time I?m there although at £6 a pop minimum then I couldn?t really spend the whole night on them.

Yesterday was a bit of a team-building day and so the Sabbaticals at the Uni came over to my campus and I showed them around the local area, notably Margate and Broadstairs, which involved playing some adventure golf (I got a free game because I set up their website) and getting some fish & chips at the seaside.

I also played football last night for about two hours which brings me nicely onto my knee which I haven?t spoken about for a while *cue yawns*. Fingers-crossed I?m not having many ill-effects on it. I?ve been waddling running fine and putting in sliding tackles on that knee without any pain which is good, although afterwards it does seize up a bit and is quite stiff the next day, but this is much better than the alternative of not playing at all. Hopefully in more time these reactions will dissipate, although I?m not going to risk playing rugby for quite a while yet as I still think that any major knocks on it will not be a very good thing.

The Ramsgate FC site that I?ve been working on has gone live, although there are still a few kinks to iron out. Luckily now the site is up I don?t have to worry about any of the content and purely help with the technical side of the site and also on the forums a bit. I?m quite happy with it and in the week it?s been up it?s had 45 members register to it and also 1500 individual site visits. The club has now started pre-season and so hopefully once the season has properly started there should be quite a few more visitors.

This leads me onto my next item.  As I was doing the work on the Ramsgate FC site for free they?ve been very kind and offered me some advertising to promote my web-design. I can get links on the site and also have a full-page advert in their matchday programs for their home games, which is really good as the attendances at games range from lows of around 250 all the way up to 1800. I really think I should have a dedicated website if I?m going to be advertising as I don?t really want EVERYONE to be looking at my blog. Should I still keep the webdesign on Ademweb.co.uk or should I get a new title? I?ve owned Solidmedia.co.uk for a long long time but never actually used it for anything, but I just though it was cool?.. hmmm.

Also? my new glasses arrived from Glassesdirect.co.uk?. and they didn?t fit! I have returned them in the prepaid envelope and requested a different pair in a size that should fit fine. Still a very quick service though as I only ordered them on the evening of 19th July. I?ll wait and see how these turn out.

And that?s all for now!

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5 Responses to Midweek Round-up

  1. Aidan L says:

    I am really pleased to hear that your knee is improving, even if it did seize up a bit the day after, however, one would assume that it is just natural, especially after the injury that you sustained.

    I really like the new Ramsgate FC website, you?ve done a grand job there :-) . Great news about getting an advert in their match day programme! That moves me nicely onto my next point about getting a new website for yourself ;-) . If you?re going to be promoted like that I would suggest getting a new website dedicated to web design. It will make it easier for the viewer as they won?t get confused by your blog, especially as some people still don?t know what a blog is. A whole separate website will make it must easier for the viewer as they will be visiting a site purely to do with web design and nothing else.

    That is just my take on it, however, other people will most likely know better ;-) .

    Oh and by the way, I hope that you won at miniature golf ;-) .

  2. Adem says:

    Of course I won! Only by 2 shots but still a win!

  3. Aidan L says:

    I thought that you would ;-) . Well played!

  4. I agree about with Aidan about separating your blog from your web design. Liked the Rams site BTW, nice design, lots of interesting content.

  5. Cheezy says:

    Another cheer for your Rams site, mate. It looks very businesslike.


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