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On my current host I get two MySQL databases and each one has got a 100MB capacity. I need more.

The vast majority of the sites I create are run using a MySQL database and as I create more sites and they get bigger and have more content, then the sooner it is that I?m going to run out of space. I also don?t think it?s very good practice to have too many tables in each database and would instead prefer to have my larger sites having a single database to themselves. Of course smaller sites with minimal traffic can share a database.

So the problem is that I want more databases, but I?m unable to get more on my current host without upgrading to a new package which I don?t need, so I?m thinking off getting a new host and gradually migrating over to that one. This is not as simple though as I?ve got a lot invested with 1&1, my current host.

This is where you come in and recommend hosts to me. I currently pay around 10 a month, but will be able to go higher than this if needs be.

One company that has peaked my interest is DreamHost, which gives amazing value, huge diskspace and bandwidth, along with unlimited MySQL databases, which is exactly what I want. News like this is not what I want to read though. I?ve been reading mixed reviews about them which you can get a sample of by checking the comments here. I don?t want to sacrifice the reliability of my current host for the sake of being cheap.

It?s so tricky. Any pointers?

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7 Responses to MySQL Hosting

  1. Aidan L says:

    When searching for web hosts it is very tricky isn?t it?

    I am currently with Phurix, however, their customer support is sometimes not exactly top notch? On a few occasions I have found that I?ve been billed twice and the same has happened to my brother. Once that it was brought to their attention they sorted it, but sometimes when requestion billing support you can be left waiting for a while.
    I don?t have a problem with downtime the server which I am situated, however, my brother has had a few problems when they overloaded the server that he was on.

    One host that I have heard of and haven?t heard any complaints about is A Small Orange. I have heard of a few people who use them and from what I have heard they seem pretty good.

    One other one which is highly respected within the PC Advisor(magazine) community (the Forum Editor uses a reseller account on these) is Heart Internet. If you were to go with them it would cost you around £8.99 a month, however, that does include 50 MySQL databases.

    Others that I have heard of which seem quite good are Bluehost and Media Temple (sometimes downtime problems though).

    I have heard and seen of EUKHOST. I have never heard what they are like, although I believe that they come with unlimited MySQL databases. Obviously you would have to check that with them about the MySQL databases, but when I enquired about it they told me that it was unlimited.

    Once my web hosting runs out with Phurix I will possibly be looking to move elsewhere with A Small Orange leading the chase at the moment.

    Good luck on finding another web host!

  2. Nils says:

    Sorry mate, hope you?ll forgive me not knowing about UK hosts? Come to think of it, I don?t know much about hosts anywhere else either. Having a free WP account and otherwise doing everything online or with/for others (who then do the tech bit), has led to me not knowing where to look. Creepy.

  3. Adem says:

    Aidan ? Just having a look at those hosts.
    Phurix only host 2Gig Max and I already host more than that so no room for any more. That?s also the problem with A Small Orange. These companies look perfect though for smaller things.

    I wasn?t too enamoured with and was slighty wary, but I may have hit gold with I?ll look into that and you may have solved my problems. Cheers

    Nils ? As ever, thanks! You?re probably better off avoiding all this hosting malarky as I know that when I start migrating stuff I?m gonna have lots of ?fun?.

  4. Aidan L says:

    Ohh right I see, sorry about those first two suggestions.

    If you do end up going with Heart Internet I am sure that it will be a good move as from what I?ve heard they?re great.
    Glad that I could help :-) .

  5. Tom says:

    Dude, why on earth have you hit a 2GB limit already with the sites that you host? Are you secretly hosting a youtube mirror?!

  6. Adem says:

    I don?t see what?s wrong with having 2gig already used in storage. I?ve got quite a lot of site already on there and some test sites etc.

    I?m not using much bandwidth so not really a problem.

    I could get rid of some stuff on there but it?s really the MySQL databases that I?m interested in.

  7. Cody Bones says:

    Thanks for the Clockwork Orange help, I?ll send you a Picture


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