Back to work tomorrow

Grrrhhhh! I?ve got work tomorrow and I?m not looking forward to it. I?ve been off for a couple of weeks and know I?ve got lots of work to do when I get back. It feels like the last day of the school holidays.

I?ve got lots of work to put in and know I?ve got a busy period of some very very long days when the Freshers arrive in mid-September, which normally equate to 15 hour days, groan*. I have got something to look forward to though once the term has settled down a bit?..I?m going to go to Latvia!

My friend Dr Matt is going over to the capital Riga for work, but will be done by the Thursday, so I?ll be heading over on the Friday and coming back on the Sunday which should make for a nice trip. I?ve booked my flights through Ryan Air for 70 and will make the rest of my plans nearer the time. I haven?t got the time booked off work yet but with all those extra hours I?ll be doing I think I?ll deserve it.

Here?s a bit of an earworm I?ve had in my head lately?.and relax again.

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*This is to say that my work isn?t just about going out with 18 year old students and getting drunk before any smart-arses say it!

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3 Responses to Back to work tomorrow

  1. I went to Riga a couple of years ago and had a swell time. Just remember not to urinate on their national monuments, they get a bit snakey about it!

  2. Adem says:

    All duly noted. cheers.

  3. Aravis says:

    It?s so hard to go back to work after some time off, isn?t it? Good luck with that.

    I envy you Europeans, being able to hop a plane or a train fairly easily to visit other countries. Based upon some of the blogs I?ve read, it seems many of you travel from country to country the way we do from state to state. Only, your destinations are more interesting and varied. Ah well, I?ll visit though places vicariously through you, SwissToni, Lord Bargain, et al.


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