Knees and Links

Just a quick update today. I played football last-night without my knee-support for the first time since recovering from my injury and it felt quite good. The knee support, by neccessity, is quite restrictive and limits movement a bit, but after warming up a bit I thought I?d give it a go and apart from it being a bit stiff this morning, it seems to be fine.

The bad news is that I?ve fallen into the trap of not going to the gym for a LONG time and have lost all motivation for it?. I guess I?d better start thinking about cancelling my membership. I was going to cancel my membership anyway because soon my introductory period of virtually free membership will run o and I will have to start paying both my health insurance (25 pm) and my gym membership (25 pm). For the introductory period I only had to pay my health insurance and even this was mostly covered by a 115 cash-back offer through a referal company, so in essence, completely free. It will be cheaper for me to quit and then sign back on on a better rate, so I may have an interim period and see if I want to go back.

In other news you may have noticed that I?ve changed the colours of my links, blue on the blue theme, and red on the red theme. One reason was to fit in with the themes, but the other was that even I was having trouble distinguishing the links from plain text, and this had some part to do with it being a very dark red, and also that I?m a little colourblind too. I had been meaning to change them for a while but hadn?t got round to editing the css files, but now it?s done and I think it looks better.

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  1. Aidan L says:

    Glad to hear that you?re moving back into playing football Adem. It is good to see that you weren?t really troubled by it either!

    With regards to the Gym membership I am the same? I too used to go to the gym a lot, however, what with my GCSE?s and general work load build up I couldn?t be bothered to go. I preferred to use that time to relax and or do work. I should have really used my summer break to go to the gym, however, like with you, the motivation just wasn?t there.

    Oh and I like the links, they stand out nicely :-) .


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