I bought the Observer last Saturday, and as is the way with weekend papers I never really get the chance to read though all the sections, or simply skim and browse through them. Yesterday I made it to the ?Guide? section and came across some interesting weblinks.

I love photography and wish I was a bit better at it, but usually the letdown is that I don?t really have much change in scenery and so a lot less inspiration in subject matter. Imagine if you were the boss of a successful company which required you to jet around the world, visiting amazing places and as you did so you also got to take lots of amazing photos. That?s what Trey Ratcliff does.

Visit Stuck in Customs to see what I mean, and for those who prefer Flickr then see his page here.
Hong Kong from The Peak on a Summer Night

I had a long day waking up at 5 AM to take a series of subways and trains up to Shenzen for some meetings. I was hot and sweaty and in the kind of meeting clothes that aren?t great for being hot and sweaty in. Anyway, I can?t complain? I made it back to Hong Kong just as the sunset, so I headed up to The Peak for a shot. ? Trey Ratcliff

The majority of the images have gone through some kind of process, normally high dynamic range imaging (HDRI), and I think it would be quite good to try something like with some photos I take in the future. If you want an easier guide about HDR then I?d recommend having a look at this pdf article which should explain it all and give some tips too.

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  1. weenie says:

    Wow, that?s a great picture of Hong Kong. My photos have NEVER come out like that ? brilliant!

  2. Been there. It?s spectacular alright, but whatever he?s done to it has transformed it into something else. More like a cross between one of those 70s airbrush efforts and a photo if you ask me! Pretty though.


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