A walk in Ramsgate

The last weekend before the Freshers arrived, I went for a random walk to savour the last of my freedom and took quite a few pictures too.b It?s wasn?t a long walk but it was a lovely day and just nice to get out.

Here?s a few photos:
There were loads of ?Cabbage Whites? flying around, and this was taken on the promenade overlooking the ferry port.

A plane that?s just taken off from Manston (surprisingly it?s not an ?Oasis? training flight.

A nice view of the harbour, especially as it was a nice sunny day with clear skies.

I quite like this photo as if you remove the cars and some of the signs, then it?s probably just how it looked a century ago.

If you?d like to see the rest of the photos then click here (there are a few of the Motor Museum in there as I did a little trespassing.)

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3 Responses to A walk in Ramsgate

  1. Cody Bones says:

    Great pictures, it makes me want to visit Ramsgate.

  2. Yes, sorry about the DHL flight. They were delivering a few ingredients from the Far East for my dinner party.

  3. Aravis says:

    These are excellent photos, Adem! I especially like the last two- they could be postcards!


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