PC, BDOF, R1, + TV

So time for another post by me? what have I been up to then? Well nothing really that notable to be honest but life isn?t too bad so I can?t really complain.

I?ve got the new PC up and running and Vista seems to be coping quite well?for the moment at least. In the ned I needed to replace the DVD drive too which turned out not to be a DVD-drive but in fact a CD-drive, and a broken one at that, but luckily I took this out of my old desktop (a DVD/CD rewriter) and replaced that one with a CD-rewriter I had laying about in a cupboard. So now I?m running a 2.8MHz P4 with 2GB RAM and a 500GB HDD, and it runs well.

I haven?t used the laptop since although there is information I will want to transfer over but that can wait for now.

In other news I went on an 11 hour drinking session on Saturday or BDOF (Boys Day Of Fun) as we like to call it, and had a very nice time chilling out in quite a few pubs in Canterbury. It was just me, Chris, Tim, and Jonny out of the regular Ramsgate lads, but it was nice because we met up with some of Chris? old work colleagues who were a nice bunch and it made a change to mic with a different crowd. The old crowd are all still very nice but I haven?t seen them for a while due to work. Also Chris lost his wallet?.idiot!?.although it?s making me think that maybe I should make a note of what I actually have in my wallet so that if I get in the same situation I will know what?s missing?. It?s just like backing up information? there?s always time to do it later?..isn?t there?

It looks like I?m just going to blog about anything in this post as I might as well say it now or I?ll forget, so what else has been happening? Well I?ve been getting hit by big waves of nostalgia and this has been partly due to Radio One?s 40th Birthday celebrations where they?ve been playing clips and songs from that period, and as I?ve been listening to Radio One for the best part of 15 years, basically since I started secondary school, a lot of the stuff they?ve been wheeeling out has brought the memories back. I?ve heard bits from Mark & Lard, Zoe Ball, etc which is from around the time I was in 6th Form, and I suppose when I really got into music. It?s sad to say that I?m not really into my music that much at the moment, but I think I?m going to have to go through my CDs and listen to a few more, especially the ones from that period.

I heard a few Oasis and Blur songs on the radio, and they were amazing. There was none of this pompous, arty-farty, celeb thing going on in the music in the songs I heard. They were pure and although there was an image attached to it, it was all new when it all came out, not this cliched drivel that Oasis spew out now (can?t comment on Blur now? as they no longer exist). Take me back to Definitely Maybe and the memories come flooding back. That is definitely one that will be in the CD player?. as soon as I can find it!

Phew? went off on one a little there didn?t I? I?m sure I?ve got some more stuff to talk about but I guess it?s all going to be single sentance stuff, and of no interest at all (hopefully that doesn?t apply to all I?ve said in this post!) I?ve got to pop back into work at 7pm for an hour but then I will have my evening free? whoopsiedoo! I guess I?ll waste that then?although I do feel like popping out or something but I doubt anyone will be up to anything.

Ooh? Just remembered that I watched the new episodes of Heroes and??. *drumroll*? The Bionic Women starring Zoe Slater from Eastenders. Can?t be bothered to talk more about them though as I?m sure there?s plenty of reviews about.

Also? on one final point?. this is for my fellow Thanetians?.check this out.

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    I rather liked the free-flowing items you shared here. :0)


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