Austraila 10:12 England

How brilliant was the England win over the Aussies yesterday?! Before the game we?d been written off, and after some (most) of our performances since the last World Cup that was a fair opinion, but there is now belief that we could do something special again.

The final score was 12-10 and all credit has to go to our forwards who overpowered Australia and even won us a few turnovers when Australia should really have done better. In all honesty we had more of the ball, but Australia looked very dangerous on attack and they could?ve got a couple more tries, and should?ve definitely got more penalties, but they didn?t and I don?t care. I guess the victory feels even better as Australia should have won the game in the 78th minute but Mortlock missed a vital penalty and after a few anxious minutes the victory was sealed. Hooray!

I have a hangover now though. And we have to play France next weekend, and even more impressively they beat favourites New Zealand last night, a result that shows that the Northern Hemisphere teams can beat the Southern Hemisphere teams when it counts.

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  1. Cheezy says:

    A few English and Aussie tourists and I watched that England v Aussie game from a taverna in Crete (which was a miracle in itself, persuading a Greek waiter to change the channel from some game of football or other).

    It would be fair to say that all the Aussies in the bar weren?t exactly expecting to lose that game! And equally fair to say that they disappeared with unseemly haste when the final whistle blew. Shame. The taunting had hardly even started.


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