BBC Radio & The Humble Penny

Last Friday I?d been home from work for about 10 minutes when I got a phone call from BBC Radio North-East?. hmmm? I wondered what they wanted with me, and the reporter mentioned that he?d read my blog post about the humble penny and wondered if I wanted to come on the radio.


It took a minute for me to get my head in order and I explained that I?d written that in April and so it wasn?t awfully clear in my head, but he explained that they were going to have an live debate about shrapnel (1p and 2p?s) and he wanted to know if I could come on air the next morning to fight the cause for the penny and small change in general.

If you look at the post you?ll see that it?s very brief and I don?t really think I could put a very strong case forawrd so I made my excuses and he seemed content obviously going on to call the next person on his ?penny list?.

I suppose I could?ve gone on the radio but in the past when I?ve been on radio or TV (nothing big, just local news) I?ve usually seen or heard the playback and realised that I hate my voice and sound like an idiot! I also had made plans to go out in Canterbury with friends and so didn?t want to have to change plans.

If you want to see how cringe-worthy I am then have a look at (2002) from my time at University. I?m on at 39 seconds?.. urrghhhh? I really hate watching that.

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3 Responses to BBC Radio & The Humble Penny

  1. I thought your Meridian contribution was quite professional. And the added bonus was getting to see the great Fred Dinenage introduce it!

  2. Aidan L says:

    I actually think that you sounded fine on the news! I suppose to yourself you will think that you sound awful. It?s the same for everyone isn?t it.

    It is good to see, though, that your blog has got recognition on a relatively high level. Definitely something to be pleased about!

  3. Daniel says:

    Adem, you look so different ! Your voice doesn?t sound stupid at all. Totally normal in fact !


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