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Blimey, I?ve got quite a lot to go through but haven?t found the time to blog (this seems to always happen this time of year..) but I?d better get started or I?ll forget.

So last week I went down to my old stomping ground at Chichester and had a very nice weekend. I was going down to see some friends who I haven?t seen since summer 2005, who were either just visiting or had moved back to the area, and I made the decision not to tell anyone else who I normally visit that I was coming down so that I could just concentrate on these friends as I wanted the weekend to be a bit different to what normally happens when I go down.

We drank, we ate food, we played pro evo, and we went clubbing in Bognor Regis to the wonder that is Sheiks Nightclub. I shouldn?t really call it Sheiks as it was rebranded as Club Vision was back in around 2002 but habits die hard and this was the place where I spent many a Thursday Night drinking too much, dancing my tits off, and then feeling ill?.. oh what memories!

The memories did start flooding back, as they normally do on my visits, and it was nice to go to the club as I hadn?t been there since summer 2004 as I think three and a half years is probably a good enough gap to leave in between visits. I have to admit that I was a bit like an old man when I found out how prices had changed (or in fact how I?d perceived them to) such as paying 17 to get a taxi from Chichester to Bognor, or paying 7 to get in the club, or that my Sunday carvery at the Nags Head had now gone up to 10. In fact the prices hadn?t really gone up that much, it was just that my perceived reality was based on the memories stored in my head of how Chichester was and so along with this is the prices which surely had to rise over the years, as the prices have in my home town.

After the carvery on Sunday I went up to Uni to hook up with Jamie to join in a game of football on the top field, and ended up playing for a good couple of hours which surely must have burnt off some of the carvery. After that it was a long trip home in the dark back to Ramsgate and the following day I was back at work.

Going away for weekends is good fun, but you do feel exhausted at the end of them when you have to go to work.

So back to work and I toodled along during the daytime with ?real? work, and in the evening I cracked on with more websites. In the end I opted for the reseller package at HostGator as I think it should help me with websites in the future, but for the moment I?m going to have a huge amount of work to move over my current sites to the new accounts and get them fully up and running. In the end, all the sites will be on HostGator and I?ll be able to cancel my hosting with 1&1 and A Small Orange which simply didn?t suit my needs.

One website that I?ve already migrated is that of which was less of a migration, and more of a complete rebuild (see the old site here). The site now runs on a CMS which means that it is easier to edit, and it?s also got its on individual account on my reseller space so it can now be considered completely separate. I?ll have to take it all a site at a time and eventually it will all be sorted. It?s probably a good time to give all the sites a spruce up and then I?ll be able to crack on with my own, knowing that I?ll have a completely clean slate. Screen Grab
That?s all for now?..speak laters

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5 Responses to Chichester Visit + Websites

  1. j. says:

    You are a busy guy!

  2. jonny says:

    ?Speak laters?? What are you, some sort of cunt?

  3. Adem says:

    take?s one to know one! sussed!

  4. Aidan L says:

    Good find in the reseller hosting, I will keep that in mind too should I get to a point where I could be ?reselling?.

    Great job on the website, I like it a lot. I especially like the navigation, it makes it that bit more interesting. I wish I had the creativity to create stuff like that? I always get stuck in one type of design and don?t like to come out of it haha.

    Oh, if you don?t mind me asking, what exactly is website baker, I am struggling to fully understand what it actually is.

    I am just intrigued as I am always looking to try new things!

  5. Aidan L says:

    Just ignore what I said about website baker. If I had taken the time to look around places and read things I would be able to see that it is a CMS.

    I?m definitely going to try it out.

    I have never actually tried creating a website that is content managed, but it?s worth a mess around with I suppose.


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