Back to the Dentists

My tooth is feeling a lot better now so the antibiotics did their trick, which I?m thankful for. I had spent the quite a few nights sleeping on the sofa so that when I did wake up with the pain I was able to sit up and watch a bit of TV to try and take my mind off it? I am now back safe and sound in my bed.

When I was at the dentist last week he took an x-ray to see whether the tooth could just have another filling or if it had to be extracted, and luckily they rang me and said I just needed a filling in it and so I?m booked in for a couple of weeks time. I?ve also got a couple of broken teeth at the back which do need to be taken out, surgically extracted, and this is something they cannot do at my own dentists and so they referred me to another clinic. I got a call from them this morning?*gulp*.

They told me that they had an opening this weekend, or it would have to be after New Year?. hmmm? That?s a little short notice and on asking a few questions I decided to opt for the post New Year booking, due to the fact that I didn?t want my festive period to be ruined. When they take the teeth out I won?t be able to drive for that day, and I won?t be allowed to go to work the following day, which indicates that this may be a not so nice experience. I?ve got a work meal on Monday, which I?d like to enjoy, and obviously plenty of other things to do over Christmas and New Year, so I?ll wait until 5th January to be tortured.

A small incision is usually required to gain access to the root or bone. The tooth is often removed in pieces by use of a small drill. Splitting the tooth up into pieces actually allows for less bone removal and more rapid healing. Grafting the extraction defect is an adjunct to rapid healing that is occasionally utilized. If sutures are required, they dissolve and come out over the next week. ? Fort Worth Oral Surgery

Anyone actually had this type of operation?

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2 Responses to Back to the Dentists

  1. John Pynchon says:

    I always develop a toothache when I am about to have my 6 monthly checkup. I am due to go a week on Saturday. It tends to go away straight afterwards.

    I am very lucky. No treatment required whatsoever since the early 80?s. Not perfect white, by any means, but who wants teeth like Donny Osmond or Tom Cruise, anyway?

  2. Aravis says:

    Yes, when I was 10 I had to have 4 baby teeth surgically extracted because they refused to come out even though the adult teeth were coming in.

    I was put under, so that was no problem. I don?t remember a lot of pain after, though I?m sure I was well medicated. It felt tender and a bit funky, I remember that. I had to stay on the couch for the first day or two, and I had to drink shakes instead of eating for awhile as well.

    Good idea to wait until after the New Year- enjoy your holidays!


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