Getting Sedated.

In one hour I?ll be at the dentists and will be having two teeth out. I will be getting sedated with a ?calming and sedating drug?, which will be administered by cannula, and as a result I?ll be ?without the feeling of being worried and without any pain?. As I?m getting drugged-up my Mum has to be present at the surgery so that I can be taken home and looked as I can?t be held ?responsible?, and am not allowed to do anything for 24 hours, such as driving, etc.

I?m actually pretty calm at the moment anyway, but we?ll see how the drugs work, and we?ll see if I?m able to blog whilst I?m ?off my tits?.


I?m still alive!!

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  1. Matt B says:

    I?m sure that some money minded types would charge for that if they could. Good luck.


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