Sedated tooth extraction

Yesterday I had two teeth out, which I?d broken beyond repair, and this involved getting sedated and then having them extracted. I?d read a little and it didn?t sound too pleasant, but I?m happy to report back that everything went well and I?m feeling fine.

I turned up and they did an x-ray, and then I went through to the surgery where my weight and height was measured to get the right amount of sedative. They sat me down, had a little chat, put the cannula in, administered the sedative, and then put a ?blindfold? on me. They said this was to stop the light getting in my eyes, but I?m pretty sure that it was also partly to work in effect with the sedative and relax me. The dentist then injected local anaesthetic into my gums, and kick-off the show. I couldn?t really feel anything, and although I didn?t really think it at the time I guess I was pretty calm, although not ?off my tits? as I?d mentioned in the previous post.

Afterwards I was taken to a recovery room, and I was a little wobbly on my feet, and as I sat there I was very peaceful and thanked the dentist, nurse, and anaesthetist for their lovely work. I was home by midday (appointment was at 10:50am) and spent my time sitting on the sofa and watching TV. My Mum had accompanied me to the dentist as advised although I?d like to think I was pretty with it, but looking back I guess I was a little hazy as my memory has been effected a little bit (which they said may happen).

So I?ve been in all weekend recovering, I haven?t eaten a great deal (which some might say is good!) and have enjoyed my smash (mashed potato) and gravy which requires no chewing. The gums are swollen, and I obviously have bloody gums, but I feel okay, and the best thing is that last night I had the best sleep I?ve had for a week. It?s not because I?ve been nervous or anything, but because I?ve had a horrible cold which has left me unable to sleep for more than two hours at a time and had left me knackered, but that?s now almost gone except for a cough and phlegmy throat, and so I?ll be back at work tomorrow feeling rested and relaxed, although a bit gummy, and wondering what mushy food I?ll be having for lunch!

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  1. Aidan L says:

    I read about your sedation the other day, however, by time I read it you were back from the dentist and didn?t see much point in wishing you good luck then!

    I?m glad to see that it all went ok, it sounds quite an experience having teeth out, not a nice one though? At least it all went according to plan though.

    It sounds like you?ve been having a bit of an ordeal as of late what with the cold and then this! It must be awful.

    Oh and good luck with dinner for tomorrow, it sounds like it will be interesting to say the least!

  2. Stef says:

    How on earth did you ruin two teeth?

  3. Adem says:

    Aidan ? Cheers. It all went much better than I could?ve hoped, and now I?m almost over the cold and have beenable to sleep properly which is brilliant as I thought I was going to go mad. The extraction went well, and my gums to ache but I?m not in pain that much so that?s good too. Just got to wait for them to heal, but luckily I didn?t have to have any stitches.

    Stef ? How did I ruin two teeth? Coz I?m an idiot. Also one had a crown on it, which broke off, along with part of the tooth, which couldn?t be repaired, and the other had a filling, which I lost, and that could?ve been repaired but I left if for ages, and then that couldn?t be repaired. They?re both at the back and looking in the mirror they aren?t visable so at least that?s one thing.

  4. Glad to see you?ve survived! Did they let you keep the gnashers?

  5. Aravis says:

    Glad you came through that alright, and that the sedative enabled you to finally get some sleep. Feel better!

  6. j. says:

    Glad it went okay for you. Hope you recover quickly!

  7. Matt B says:

    So now you are recovered and still alive we can look forward to many more interesting and interesting blog posts. Which is good.

    I am glad that you came through without enduring massive unpleasantness as is always reported by the scaremongers.

  8. IV Sedation says:

    Its good your dental sedation was without any adverse events. Hope you recover soon.
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