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I have the SlimStat plugin installed on this blog, and it records the ?recent search strings? that people have entered to get to my blog. It?s quite interesting to have a look through and see how people got here and if they actually find what they are looking for.

I still get hits for ?? (blog post here) along with others for Degaussing TV?s (blog post here) etc, and what this shows is that the posts I wrote were relevant and were found useful. That is good. I do however get a large amount of hits for completely random things that visitors will find no answer for on this blog. This is mostly due to the fact that I used to use song titles as the titles for posts when there was only a very tenuous link between the title and the content.

I get a lot of hits for ??, which is a lyric from Rosé by The Feeling which goes to this completely random post, and for some reason I am the top Google find for this. So for anyone looking for the lyrics then here they are:

The Feeling ? Rosé

You and your friends
Boxes of ten
Cool to the touch
You warn me so much
The white to your left
The red to your right
Are all that I?d seen
Til I realised the love that I seek
Lies right in-between

I love ya
Especially today
I love your delicate way

The chill in my veins
Relieves me from pain
Again and again
I lose all control
Your taking your toll
And i?m no longer sane
Dont be afraid
The love that I show is the love that you made
So dont be afraid
?Cos your in control
I?m just your slave

I love ya,
Especially today,
I love your delicate way.

Dont let him put you down
I won?t let him put you down
?Cos your as good as the rest
And you?re much better dressed
I think pink is my colour
I wont drink from no other

Oh I love ya
Especially today
Especially this way
Oh Rose
I want ya
Believe me this way
I love your delicate way.

and here?s the video:

There?s quite a few other random search terms that crop up and maybe another day when I?ve got nothing to write about, much like today, I?ll go into those.

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2 Responses to Random Searches

  1. Aidan L says:

    It?s always good when you see people visiting your website via searches and come to relevant posts, ones which are perhaps proving useful to the viewer. It makes the post even more worthwhile. Or at least to me it does!

    I get a lot of views for Ubuntu screen resolution problems and they are the majority of my visitors and it?s nice to know that my blog is helping people. Your?s is too with regards degaussing TVs

  2. Nils says:

    I love The Feeling, although I only just discovered them.

    As for weird searches, we all get them. Sometimes it?s fun reading those, sometimes it?s actually disturbing. My most popular post is about Moleskines and other notebooks. It gets hit almost daily, esp. now with the new year.

    Some good posts here lately Adem. Cheers!


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