Preston Hellings get results

My Sunday League football team Preston Hellings, has not been doing too well this season after getting promoted to Division One of the Thanet Sunday Football League, and morale had dropped quite a bit with only 1 point from our first eleven games. It gets depressing losing most weeks and once players heads drop then it?s pretty hard to get that spirit back to keep fighting for results, but I?m happy to say that I think we?ve got over it.

We?ve got results from our last three games with two wins and one draw netting us 7 points and getting us within touching distance of other teams in the division. I?d missed the last two matches as I was away, and so missed our wins, and I was apprehensive about going to football yesterday in case I jinxed it, but we got a draw (and almost a win) against the team 3rd in the division and unbeaten all season, and it was great to see the players wanting to win so much.

I don?t play much as I?m not there every week, I?m unfit, and I couldn?t honestly say I?m better than any of the players starting, so I?m quite happy to be a sub in case of emergencies, and on the basis of yesterday?s match to be a spectator as I really enjoyed watching the lads. Good work Preston!

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