Dodgy Ankles

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Bloody ankles! I went along to Sunday football today, had a little knock-about whilst the team were warming up and it didn?t take long to get a pain in my ankle to signal that they are not better yet. I sprained the right one before Christmas, and then did something ?

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24 January 2010  No comments

The season starts here

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Preston club badge
The Premier League may have kicked off a few weeks back but yesterday was the start of the Thanet Sunday Football League season and saw my team Preston Hellings FC in action. We play in Division 1 and have always been more of a social team rather than ?

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7 September 2009  2 comments

Tuesday round-up of the last week

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Been missing me? Well I?ve been a busy boy and have been working on the house in preparation for the housewarming party for which I still have lots of work to do. I had yesterday off work and managed to get a lot done at the house but it made ?

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18 August 2009  2 comments

Kitchen Update

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I was working down the house last night and only got to see the 2nd half of the Champion?s League final between Manchester United and Barcelona, but from what I saw it looked like Barça thoroughly deserved their win and were the better team on the night.
As for my work ?

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28 May 2009  4 comments

Ramsgate and Margate Relegated

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I went to the last game of the season yesterday, Ramsgate?s last in the Ryman Premier Division, which saw the team lose 3-0 against Ashford (Middlesex). We were down already and will be playing in Ryman Division 1 South.
It?s been a poor season and changes need to be made. I ?

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26 April 2009  No comments

Aching limbs plus more news

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At the moment I?m aching a fair bit after a good weekend of sport. I played Basketball on Saturday for about 1.5 hours which was fun as it was a sunny day and then it was time to watch the remainder of the 6 Nations rugby matches. Yesterday I played ?

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23 March 2009  4 comments

Should Kaka go to Manchester City?

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We all know the money in football is ridiculous, and this week saw Manchester City bid in excess of £100,000,000 in an effort to sign Brazilian Kaka from AC Milan. That?s an amazing amount of money and how can any player be worth that much?
For Man City it was a ?

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19 January 2009  5 comments
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