Dodgy Ankles

Bloody ankles! I went along to Sunday football today, had a little knock-about whilst the team were warming up and it didn?t take long to get a pain in my ankle to signal that they are not better yet. I sprained the right one before Christmas, and then did something weird and muscular to the left one a couple of weeks back. I was hoping they would be fine as I?d been getting through 5-aside, maybe taking a knock on them, and then being able to run that off after a few minutes. A boggy grass football field is no substitute for the flat surfaces of a sports hall and so it shall be a couple more weeks before I think I?ll happily run on grass.

On a positive note though, I started a book for our football tour so that people can start paying in a few quid every week and then have less  hassle when it comes to summer as most of the costs will be paid. We haven?t had any big tours (weekend away/piss-ups) for a while now, so it?s good to start planning with 6 months to go, and will also mean that we should be able to get more people to come along.

The team had a cup game today and won 2-1, although it was very close for the last 20 minutes and we almost threw it away. Nice work lads.

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