1 dinners ? Tortelloni Prosciutto with poached egg

It?s a bit tight at this end of the month, but why should that mean I miss out on some lovely grub? Fast food doesn?t need to be expensive or unhealthy so yesterday I opted for Tortelloni Prosciutto (pasta with a pork and ham filling( and finished it off with a poached egg on top. I?m not sure if that?s the way the Italians would do it, but it was the way I did it. The Tortelloni cost 79p a pack for fresh pasta (boil for 8 mins), and the free-range egg cost 16.5p, so for less than a quid I had a nice dinner.

Tortelloni Prosciutto with poached egg

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4 Responses to 1 dinners ? Tortelloni Prosciutto with poached egg

  1. hen says:

    That tree looks nice, too.


  2. Adem says:

    That?s parsley silly! I put it there to make it look classy innit!

  3. Zhu says:

    I never thought of adding an egg but why not after all? Eggs can be added on pizzas as well after all!

    Looks good :-)

  4. Adem says:

    I just fancied a poached egg too and bunged it on top! I doubt there is an actual recipe for this but it was nice to have an egg too.


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