Should Kaka go to Manchester City?

We all know the money in football is ridiculous, and this week saw Manchester City bid in excess of 100,000,000 in an effort to sign Brazilian Kaka from AC Milan. That?s an amazing amount of money and how can any player be worth that much?

For Man City it was a good bid. Their name has been in in the media throughout Euyrope this week and surely must have lifted their stature if only for the fact that they are super-rich now since their summer takeover. For AC Milan it was a good bid too, and if I were them I?d be biting Man City?s arm off for that money. They certainly don?t want to sell their best player but that was an astronomical bid and money rules over the heart in football.

So in the end the matter lies purely with Kaka who had been reportedly offered over 500,000 a week to turn out for Man City. Yes, it?s an amazing amount of money, but does he really need it? Surely he must be on around 100,000 a week at Milan and that will mean he is already set for life, but we all know that some footballers can be greedy sacrificing the chance for honours and silverware in favour of money.

If he went to City then he would be joining a club that is certainly not going to get into Europe this year, may qualify next year, and then actually be in European competition the season after. What?s that? A year and a half? But then he?s actually tied into a much longer contract than that so maybe he stays at City for 3 years minimum, at a club that isn?t even challenging for the league. Kaka is 26 now, and so will be nearing the end of his career when City actually can put up a challenge for the Premiership and Europe.

What am I getting at? If Kaka is truly a good footballer and one that wants to win things then he will stay at Milan, stick two fingers up at City and carry on playing great football. If he takes the money he will be throwing away the best years of his career and doing something he will be sure to regret once he?s retired.

I am happy to say that tonight it was announced that Kaka has rejected the chance to join Manchester City and will be staying with AC Milan. Football has one. Money has lost.

The Kaka transfer conundrum

The Kaka transfer conundrum

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5 Responses to Should Kaka go to Manchester City?

  1. Damien says:

    Thank god he turned down Man City then, I would of hated it if he had gone and he could still go if he changes his heart but surely he has to be Milan through and through.

  2. Threelight says:

    Manchester City isn?t exactly a world-renowned team, are they (as you quite rightly say.

    If Newton Heath FC (read Manchester United) had put the same bid on the table, you would be rest-assured that the offer would have been given more consideration.

    I?m glad it?s all over and done with.

  3. Zhu says:

    Well, Im a chick, so of course I dont have a clue.

    But I just wanted to highlight that ?kaka? (Caca) is poop in French.


  4. Paul says:

    I?m not amazingly surprised by Kaka turned down the offer as a lot of the top players make just as much money out of sponsorship as they take in wages.

    If I was running MC I wouldn?t be trying to get the world?s best players just yet as they will always want to be playing in the Champion?s league so are unlikely to take a step back.

  5. smeg says:

    he should not play for Man City, because he belongs to Jesus


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