The Play Coalition

Apparently today, Monday 19th January, is the most depressing day of the year? or it could all just be a load of rubbish for a slow news day.

It?s a slow news day over here too and so I?m going to point you over to ?The Play Coalition? to see some of their designs so you can go ?I want that!?.

See this design and more at

See this design and more at

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3 Responses to The Play Coalition

  1. Cody Bones says:

    I?s sorry my English friend, but since today is a holiday here in the U.S. )MLK), and many of us are off work/school, It can?t be the worst day ever.

  2. Adem says:

    Ok? it?s the worst day here in Britain!

    Hope you had a great day whatever you got up to.

  3. Aravis says:

    Those are fun. Aside from the one you?ve shown us here, I think the sweatshirt converting to a bag is my favorite. *G*


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