The season starts here

Preston club badge

Preston club badge

The Premier League may have kicked off a few weeks back but yesterday was the start of the Thanet Sunday Football League season and saw my team Preston Hellings FC in action. We play in Division 1 and have always been more of a social team rather than an achieving team so we go into most of our matches as underdogs but as long as the effort is there then I don?t worry too much, although a win is always nice.

Yesterday we started 0ff against one of the strongest teams in the league and went into half-time only 1-0 down which meant there was always a chance of getting something from the match but alas a few lapses in concentration resulted in a 6-0 final result. Yes we lost, but the effort was there, and we were fighting until the end so I can?t complain, and if we can start scoring some goals then the pressure will be off the defence a little bit, and the results will come.

I?ve been playing regularly this season and have played in every game so far (5 friendlies and 1 league) which is pretty good as last season I only played in 9 games (3 friendlies and 6 league). Maybe last season I didn?t mind whether I played or not, but this season I want to play all the time.

I?ve also been roped into being Social Secretary (along with Mark) so my aim will be to also arrange more social activities so that even if the going does get tough we can still have fun, have a laugh, and stick together. We?ve already been on a day-trip to Calais in August and next up is Bowling in October, with other events to come as well.

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  1. Tom Bell says:

    Get that savings club going for the trip next year so we can have a bit of an away day, even if it?s camping in somerset!

  2. Adem says:

    I will have a chat with Sheila and Roy and see if they are happy taking the money.


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