Just popping by

I should be getting broadband at home this weekend and it should mean an increase in blog posts from me, so don?t worry about my recent lack of posts. In the end I opted for Plusnet who can give me broadband for only 5.99 a month which is great value and I?ve heard good things about them which isn?t the case with TalkTalk who also offer cheap broadband but not very good customer service (I was warned off them by several people).

Things are getting quite busy and hectic at work as our new students will be arriving soon and so there?s a mild panic in knowing that for the next month it will be busy busy busy and I?ll be back to working days and evenings and getting worn-out. But I have had a nice calm summer without the students and so am suitably relaxed for it.

Anyway.. that?s enough from me.

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