September 11th

The Twin Towers

The Twin Towers

So it?s September 11th again or 9/11 as it?s most commonly known as since that day 8 years ago. I guess there will always be that ?where were you when it happened? question and I know that I was in a University lecture when I found out what had happened and spent the afternoon watching reports on the TV in the Union bar. 9/11 a defining moment in our history.

Now I?m going to get a little controversial here and I will expect a backlash so apologies from me at this point. 9/11 was a very bad thing and I can?t even imagine what it must have been like especially with so many lives lost, but a little part of me is happy intrigued by the fact that there can still be chaos in the world and that a small group, or even an individual still has the freedom, the possibility, to do whatever they want. In times where everything is controlled, and our personal freedoms are being regulated and restricted someone can do something as extreme as hijacking a plane and causing massive devastation.

I don?t condone it. Not even for a second. Let?s get that straight, but it shows that we are not all drones and we could all do anything we wanted, but of course we are all pretty comfortable going with the flow and running through the motions.

I?m kind of not sure where all this is going, I guess I?m a fan of Hollywood action movies where one man can do so much, kick some ass, get the girl, and all against such great odds.

I suppose it takes something like this to shock us into realising that the world isn?t always a rational, neat place, and nothing is ever under our control. We think we have everything sussed but that isn?t the truth and it only takes one person to completely alter that perception. Take nothing for granted.

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4 Responses to September 11th

  1. Ross says:

    8 years ago (sorry !!) ;-)

  2. Adem says:

    silly maths! I?ll change it now and you?ll look silly!

  3. I often find myself ?running through the motions? whilst going for my morning jog in the George VI park! Seriously though, I do get what you?re talking about. As lovely Lennie Cohen says: There is a crack in everything. That?s how the light gets in.

  4. Zhu says:

    I think when a big event like that happens it?s both tragic and somehow ?exciting?, because something escape our control, like you said.

    I understand what you mean anyway.


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