Rude Receipt

Rude Receipt

Rude Receipt

I found this story on about a very rude receipt some restaurant customers received.
Rude Bill

Joe Delucci?s owner Mr Langsdon said the message had been meant to be seen only by kitchen staff and he did not know how it ended up as an item on the receipt.

He said: ?That shouldn?t come out on the bill, so we?ve got to find out what?s gone wrong there.?

I guess that means it?s fine then, just so long as the customers don?t find out!

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3 Responses to Rude Receipt

  1. Cody Bones says:

    Well, at least they didn?t charge the customer for said act. A freebee if you would.

  2. Aidan L says:

    I can?t believe that was on a receipt! It is unacceptable to be fair, but like you say it appears as though the restaurant don?t mind that sort of thing going on providing that it doesn?t end up on the receipt again!

    But it doesn?t seem as though the service there was very good seeing how long they had to wait for their food. I suppose thinking about it the receipt will have just been the last straw to what seems to be a not very enjoyable evening.

  3. Aravis says:

    I read about this, but this is the first I?ve seen of the receipt. I had the same thought about the perception that it would have been ok as long as the customer doesn?t find out.

    What a scene that must have been!


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