The Sovereign, Harbour Street, Ramsgate

I?ve popped into The Sovereign a couple of times over the past month and to be honest it doesn?t have much atmosphere but it is quite cheap, which I guess makes a change from all those Thorley pubs which have no atmosphere and are very expensive.

Anyway The Sovereign on Harbour Street, Ramsgate is opererated by the Barracuda Group under the Smith & Jones pub chain, so I had a little look on their site and look at the map for it?s location:

Is that really where the Sovereign is?

Is that really where the Sovereign is?

It?s those poor people in Kevin Drive that I feel sorry for?.

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5 Responses to The Sovereign, Harbour Street, Ramsgate

  1. That?s an improvement on the last time I looked ? they?d placed it about 500 metres out from the harbour in the middle of the ferry channel!

  2. Kirstylyn says:

    Ha ha ha! You?d think after such a huge investment you would be more careful.
    It was odd I was giving my boyfriend a tour of Ramsgate and I said to him ?here is the indoor market where they have..oh!?, I didn?t even know they were changing it, only a rumour I heard some time ago.

  3. dave church says:

    gone down since they sacked the managment couple who ran it from the openning , i met the area manager once he was so far up himself he drank his caperchino (with one in the bottom) through his naval , one of thoes people that regarded his customers as an inconvieniance to his chosen trade

  4. Adem says:

    Just checked the website and it?s still not been updated. I suppose I should?ve told them but I cant be bothered.

  5. boo! says:

    Clearly ypu have not been in the on a friday night!! if you wanted an attmosphere you would get one then! the sovereign conjures up amazing food everytime, i personally prefered the old managers too they were alot nicer. but cut these new guys sum slack it is there first bar and are still learning personally i give the sovereign 5 stars and the assitant kitchen manager is a dish himself!! x


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