New Project

I?m going to be developing a new website soon, and let me just say it?s very exciting. I can?t really talk about it at the moment as I?ve still got lots of ideas running through my head and don?t want to commit myself too soon as it might take a while to get off the ground. Sounds interesting? Well for some of you it will be, and for some of you it won?t. Not really grabbing you is it?

I spent the weekend doing some research on it which has helped me quite a bit, but do you know what the hardest bit is? Thinking of a domain name. Rubbish eh? I can get the site going, do all the work, but then when it comes to thinking of a relevant domain address that is easy to remember and type, and that is unique and identifyable then I?m stumped a bit. I think I?ll draw up a shortlist and keep looking at them and hopefully something will inspire me as we all know there are some terrible doamins out there.

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4 Responses to New Project

  1. j. says:

    When I first started reading those domains, I couldn?t figure out what was wrong with them. Clearly they are more offensive if you don?t read the companies? actual names in the second before you read the url?

  2. Aravis says:

    Those are hysterical, and I can see why choosing a name would give you pause. Good luck with that!

  3. Matt B says:

    Try which is a domain name roller I wrote a while back.

  4. Adem says:

    Just in case anyone has been hanging on for this well let me say that nothing happened in the end. Swept under the carpet never to be seen again.


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