Spring Clean

It?s been a month since I last posted and I have to say that I?ve enjoyed not blogging. It?s been nice not to have to blog, or to blog about rubbish which no one cares about (okay a few people read regularly, but I was getting bored). I?ve been blogging here for almost four years now, and I think it?s about time to stop.

I?m going to leave the blog online though incase this is just a whim, but I don?t think it is. I?ve even been neglecting visiting other people?s blogs and slowly my feedreader is clogging up.

As for the ?secret project?, you?ll be surprised to know that I haven?t done anything much on it, and instead have perferred to have an almost total self-imposed exclusion from the web. I?ve had too many things on the go at one time and instead of concentrating 100% on one thing I?ve had to give miniscule atention to a lot of things, and so somethings have been neglected. I need to remove these and get down to the bare bones of what I can feasibly manage. It?s a bit like a spring clean, and I?m just getting rid of all the things gathering dust.

Somethings I can?t just abandon and will have to find suitable donors, but this blog is not one of them, and I do like it as an archive, and will maybe migrate it as that, purely for me to look back on.

To all my fellow bloggers it?s been a good time, and I may crop up from time to time on your comments, so watch out.

au revoir


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8 Responses to Spring Clean

  1. Cody Bones says:

    Thanks for the memories Big Guy, good luck to you.

  2. LB says:

    there?s a lot of this going on, isn?t there?

    Keep in touch, fella.


  3. Aidan L says:

    Sounds fair enough, I can understand that. Sometimes blogging just takes up too much time when you?ve got more pressing issues to see to.

    Good luck and I look forward to seeing you around.

  4. Michael says:

    Take care, and I?ll put ?The Big Blog? on my list of blogs I check up on monthly?

  5. Zhu says:

    Know the feeling? sometimes, it?s just too much to keep up with feeds, posts etc.

    Come back anytime if you feel like it!

  6. Cheezy says:

    Hope you?re still enjoying ?not blogging?, mate! I am too :)

  7. Cheezy says:

    I mean I?m enjoying me not blogging! I still miss reading your?s!

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