Flushing out radiators

Image used under CC by Fin Fahey

Image used under CC by Fin Fahey

It?s at this time of year that you appreciate living in a house with central heating, so I guess I half appreciate it as only half the radiators in my house are working. It?s something that could be sorted out by calling out an engineer, but this will involve spending lots of money which is something I?m not too happy about and those of you who know me will know that I don?t mind getting a bit ?practical? if I can save a few bob.

The fact of the matter is that the radiators that are a bit dodgy are over 20 years old and after eliminating other variables (balancing, expansion tank, etc) the most likely diagnosis is that these ones are full of ?sludge?, a build up of, well, sludge in the radiators that restricts water circulating.

The only way of dealing with this at this stage is to remove the radiators, take them outside, and attach as hose to one end and flush it out. All very technical you understand, but I should be able to manage. I?ve replaced a couple of radiators in the past (read about it here) and so it shouldn?t be a big problem but can be a bit tricky to avoid getting dirty water and sludge over carpets etc. I?ll do my best.

I?ll try and do this over the weekend so I?ll let you know how I get on and if it does solve the problem. If it doesn?t then I may have to call that engineer in but at least I?ll know I?ve done my best.

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5 Responses to Flushing out radiators

  1. Don?t forget to add some Fernox while you?re at it. It?ll keep that sludge at bay!

  2. Adem says:

    It would make sense. Will probably end up doing the rads one at a time, and once they are all de-sludged I?ll drain and clean the system, and add the fernox (or other generic cleaning product).


  3. Yes, other central heating protection products are available. Sentinel for example. Cripes, this is a long way from the Royal Variety Show 1997!

  4. reece says:

    I was actually having a discussion with my Mrs about drain cleaning a few hours ago. This blog is very interesting, I have learnt something new. Cheers from London!

  5. gavin says:

    hi looking for some advice on how to flush the radiators up stairs


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