Sunset at Westwood, Broadstairs

The nights are drawing in and it?s dark by 4pm, but at least I get to see things like this at work. I was looking out the window and took a wander outside and got this snap on my phone:

Sunset in Broadstairs

I don?t really take any photos on my phone as I always seem to think that the resolution is poor (only 1 megapixel), but having uploaded them to my PC they haven?t come out too bad. Hmmm cue more photos.

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3 Responses to Sunset at Westwood, Broadstairs

  1. Zhu says:

    It?s actually really good for a cell pic. I wouldn?t have seen the difference to be honest.

    I love sunsets and this one is magical!

  2. Nils Geylen says:

    Yeah, that?s pretty good. Pic like that, on-screen, only needs a pretty low resolution, but that?s not to say you don?t need the colour-depth and contrasts to make it look good.

    Great work view.

  3. Aravis says:

    What a dramatic shot! I?m impressed with your phone?s camera.


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