Jake and Amir

When I?m a little bored and the internet seems to have run out of things to tell me, I sometimes pop along to Vimeo to check out some videos. I would never do this on Youtube as most of the videos on there are rubbish or just rip-offs with very little original content, but Vimeo is so much different and attracts a different type of visitor and contributer due partly to the quality of the service it offers (high resolution, HD, etc).

Anyway a few weeks ago I was browsing for videos about the US election when I came across this:

I found myself going through quite a bit of the back catalogue and found it very funny. Jake and Amir is like a web version of The Office providing short sketches with very dry humour, putting out new episodes a couple of times a week which is a pretty good output. The premise is that they are co-workers (which they are) and that Amir is almost a stalker to Jake, thinking of him as his BFF.

The characters are well developed and it didn?t take long to get to know them. Check them out at their website, or on Vimeo.

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  1. Hoppity55 says:

    you mean they filled the internet up ohhhhhhhh no what can I do now


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