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Following on from yesterday?s post about Jake and Amir on Vimeo I thought I?d give you another sample of some of the stuff on Vimeo. I know it?s not going to blow you away with this type of blogging but at least I?m blogging again even if it is with videos etc. At least I?m not doing and memes eh?!

The thing is that I?m loving Vimeo because of it?s mix between technology and creativity. They offer the technology (higher bitrate, resolution, and  HD support) and it?s users are supplying the creativity. OK not all the users are but as the site only allows user created content then a lot of what clogs up the likes of  is excluded. Am I coming across as a bit of a snob? I guess I am and only visit when I want to see a music video that someone has more than likely illegally uploaded. Phew, glad that?s out in the open.

Human Movement by Jordan Clarke

Suddenly by Magnus Engsfors

Sia | Buttons by Concord Music Group

A nice selection of videos eh? The first video, Human Movement, sums up its title completely with some great? movement? both with the dancers as well as the camera work and editing. The second one you?ll be surprised to know is actually a collection of photos, edited in Photoshop and After Effects, and accompanied by a great soundtrack. Cool eh? And then in the final video it?s Sia with ?Buttons?, which I think is a pretty amazing and unique effort fitting with the song and the lyrics (If you want to download a great remix (Jimmy Vallanc Edit) then go here).

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  1. j. says:

    I for one am pleased to have you blogging again. Particularly as it gives me something to read whilst slacking off from my own blog writing?


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