Friends Like These

Yesterday I told you how I?d been reading a lot of Danny Wallace books, and last night I finished ??.

Danny Wallace is about to turn thirty and his life has become a cliche. Recently married and living in a smart new area of town, he?s swapped pints for lattes and had even contemplated buying coasters. Something wasn?t right ? he was feeling way too grown-up. Until ? Danny finds an old address book containing just twelve names. His best mates as a kid. Where are they now? Who are they now? And how are they coping with this scary concept of being grown-up? And so begins a journey from A-Z, tracking down and meeting his old gang. He travels from Berlin to Tokyo, from Sydney to LA. He even goes to Loughborough. He meets Fijian chiefs. German rappers. Some ninjas. And a carvery manager who?s managed to solve time travel. But how will they respond to a man they haven?t seen in twenty years, turning up and asking if they?re coming out to play? Friends Like These is the story of what can happen when you track down your past, and of where the friendships you thought you?d outgrown can take you today?

I won?t be going back to my old old school days, but yesterday I did get an email from Phil (last seen here) who was at my University saying we should meet up. I haven?t seen him for a few years, ever since he moved up to Manchester, and I?m sure in the past we?ve said ?yeah we should meet up?, but usually that drifts by and it?s another year. Spurned on by and wanting to see old friends I will be heading up to Manchester sometime in the next few weeks (just waiting to hear back on dates).

Manchester seems like a whole world away, it?s Northern for a start, and more than 280 miles from Ramsgate, but it will only take just under five hours on the train so why not? I couldn?t do that a lot, but for one weekend to see an old friend it?ll be just fine.

n.b. Now that I?ve put this on my blog I HAVE to do it.

UPDATE: Phil?s just told me that he moved back down south in June and bought a new place in December! Well that?s less of a journey, but still 180 miles or so.

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  1. Aravis says:

    It?s always kind of interesting to reconnect with people from the past, discovering what has changed and what hasn?t.

    Have a great weekend when you go!


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