Happy New Year.. I think

I never really did anything to relieve the tedium of my last post, but New Year was fun, I had a good time, saw my friends and generally chilled out after that. I decided to to go to bed at 2am every night and not get up until at least 10:30am which was quite fun, but I?m not looking forward to returning to work tomorrow and getting up at 7:30am.

Did I mention I haven?t been at work since Friday 12th December 2008? Great eh? I took some time off as annual leave to go to Gran Canaria, Then the University shut for the Christmas holidays, and everyone else is back at work today but my great boss has told my department to come back a day later! I does mean that I have lots of work to do when I get back, btu I checked my work emails for the first time since 12th December and luckily there was nothing too serious in there and I literally wiped my forehead with the back of my hand and said ?phew?.

So it?s the last day today, last day of fun, It?s 11:30am and I?m still in my PJs. Rock and Roll!

I thought I?d add that I?m over my funny mood I was in just after my 28th Birthday. There are some things I can change, there are some things I cannot change. Once I realised that I was fine. I?ve also realised that some of the things I thought I could change, I couldn?t and conversely, some of the things I thought I couldn?t change, I could. Simple as that.

I think part of this attitude is that reading Danny Wallace books. I read Yes Man in the summer, and over Christmas read Join Me, and today I?ll finish Friends Like These. Fun books that show you anything is possible. I wish I could be that more impulsive, but it?s not quite in my character but I?ll definitely be doing a few more things (hopefully).

Lastly? apologies for not getting back to your comments or even leaving comments on your own blog. I shall correct this soon!

And even more lastly? here?s a photo of Ellie from the other day. Bless.

I thought I put a photo of Ellie on here as well to show that shes growing up nice cat.

I thought I put a photo of Ellie on here as well to show that she's growing up nice cat.

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2 Responses to Happy New Year.. I think

  1. Aravis says:

    She?s a beautiful cat, and looks ready to play!

    All that time off from work? Lucky you. But going back after a long absence is hard. Good luck!

  2. Adem says:

    Back at work today and just waiting until I can get off for lunch!


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